gross floor area
521 sq ft

Oasis in the concrete jungle

Vision City is in Tsuen Wan downtown. Upon stepping into the unit, one is instantly captivated by a sense of tranquility and freshness. The interior designer has skillfully incorporated light vintage elements, using avocado green and walnut as the primary color scheme, complemented by arched designs, presenting a charming retro Nanyang style. This unique aesthetic brings captivating visual effects and distinctive personality to the unit, resembling a verdant oasis. The interior designer has paid meticulous attention to detail, artfully combining stripes and floral patterns, along with ripple glass, in order to create a Nanyang-inspired vacation-like atmosphere for the residents.

Furthermore, a dedicated study room has been ingeniously created, despite the limited space, allowing individuals to fully enjoy their work-from-home time. The designer cleverly replaced walls with French windows, which can be closed when concentration is needed and opened to enhance the overall sense of space during leisure time. In the master bedroom, the designer has chosen a spiritually uplifting wallpaper as the centerpiece, complemented by minimalist stripes and floral patterns, creating a simple yet sophisticated ambiance. Through the delicate use of walnut's light vintage feel, the space exudes a captivating retro charm, transporting one back in time to experience a nostalgic and elegant atmosphere.