gross floor area
1660 sq ft
Seanorama - Wooden texture interior design
This interior design project focuses on wood grain elements to create a warm and cozy ambiance. Additionally, we took the outside view into account to enhance the overall living experience.
In the living and dining area, wood grain panels were used on the walls to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. To hide the air conditioning unit, a unique ceiling design was implemented. To balance the overall wood grain feeling, we incorporated some marble elements to add depth to the space. In the dining area, a central island and long table were used, with marble materials selected to bring a touch of luxury.
Due to the permanent and sunny ocean view outside, the master bedroom design focused on integrating the scenery. The layout includes three sides of the bed, providing a spacious activity area for the homeowner to fully enjoy the beautiful view.
For another room, the design was based on the homeowner's preference for a blue color scheme. The blue fabric complements the wood grain, highlighting a youthful and fashionable style.