gross floor area
517 sq ft

Southorn Garden

Located in Wan Chai, this unit, Southorn Garden, has undergone our renovation project and emerged as a completely revitalized space. We have implemented clever modifications in spatial planning to enhance functionality and comfort.

Firstly, we embraced the concept of interior design by swapping the positions of the kitchen and bathroom, creating an open-plan kitchen. This design not only expands the living room and dining area but also adds a sense of modernity and practicality to the home. Additionally, we have made strategic adjustments to room partitions, employing glass materials to maintain a sense of openness in the living and dining areas. This design technique not only enhances visual extension but also improves air circulation.

In terms of overall design style, we have focused on modern simplicity, selecting comfortable and natural color palettes. Through careful color choices, we aim to create a comfortable and pleasant living environment where every resident can experience relaxation and a sense of harmony.

This interior design project in Southorn Garden, Wan Chai, showcases a perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetics, and modernity. Whether it's the thoughtful spatial planning or the intricate design details, our goal is to create a stylish, comfortable, and contemporary living space that caters to the demands of modern living.