gross floor area
2606 sq ft

The Arch

In the interior design project at The Arch, we strive for exceptional quality and a unique design concept that seamlessly blends opulent luxury with modern elements, creating an unparalleled charm within the space. We have chosen tile-faced marble for the dining area and incorporated wooden flooring in the rooms. The marble tiles exude a refined texture, imbuing the space with a sense of nobility and luxurious ambiance, while also providing durability and easy maintenance. The wooden flooring adds warmth and a natural atmosphere, creating a comfortable environment for relaxation.

Our meticulous selection of magnificent metal decorations, such as brass or stainless steel, adorns the furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories, adding an extra layer of lavishness to the space. Simultaneously, we have incorporated modern design elements to enhance the overall sense of style. This includes sleek and streamlined designs, the use of neutral tones, and modern materials like glass and steel, resulting in a truly contemporary living space. The wall design is equally captivating, featuring wood paneling or wallpaper thoughtfully infused with metallic elements. The wood paneling exudes a rustic and natural ambiance, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the wallpaper offers greater design possibilities, allowing us to select patterns and colors that align with the overall modern aesthetic.