gross floor area
1129 sq ft

Grand Promenade

Through the combination of cement gray and light wood grain, along with the addition of gray brick elements, our interior design brings a unique and refined industrial style to Grand Promenade. We believe that our design can create a living environment that is both personalized and comfortable, with an essence of raw appeal.

Traditional industrial style often presents a darker ambiance, but in our design, we have incorporated modern elements such as light wood grain and white accents to balance the cool and harsh tones of cement gray, resulting in a distinctive industrial style that deviates from the conventional. This combination brings about a more comfortable and intriguing atmosphere, setting the space apart from others.

In our design, we pay special attention to the presentation of details. The inclusion of gray brick behind the sofa and bookshelf creates an original and rugged feel, showcasing the raw essence of industrial style. This fusion of the sturdy cement gray and the warm light wood grain generates a unique and layered spatial ambiance.