gross floor area
5600 sq ft

Royal Oaks

A prestige residential with a giant garden, high ceilings, expansive entertainment spaces, a bespoke passenger lift, and a variety of marble with specific cutting that brings luxury living to a higher level, redefining luxury living.

Considering the owner love to entertain guests, the designer rearranged the layout to cater to Chinese and Western food for different types of banquets. While waiting for a meal, guests can move to the side hall for leisure. With large floor-to-ceiling glass, natural light enters the house during daylight, directly viewing the outdoor tree scenery; at night, even overlooks the stars in the sky.

In the living room, the TV wall can be turned off by remote control to hide the TV. On the TV wall, the designer selected special wallpaper to extend the scenery outside the window into the house. The guest toilets are very particular, and distinctive by gender. Stainless steel and special glass are used in the material, and the exaggerated texture mixes and matches to add a sense of luxury.
Walk up the stairs to the second floor, where the bedrooms are located. There are different feelings from the first floor. The first floor is luxurious and masculine, while the second floor brings warmth and softness.

To solve the lighting problem on the second floor, the designer specially made a skylight on the ceiling to bring the natural light.
From the side hall to the dressing room, use the favorite color of the owner. The bathroom door is made of special glass, which takes the room to another feminine level.