gross floor area
1600 sq ft

The Grandville

The designer skillfully blends metal and walnut wood to create a breathtaking sense of luxury. The carefully chosen walnut wood wall design showcases the exquisite grain patterns, while the marble adds a perfect contrast and balance. The seamless integration of these two elements adds warmth and natural beauty to the space.

In this design, we have placed special emphasis on the Living & Dining area, where we have meticulously chosen marble materials and metal elements to construct a mesmerizingly luxurious space. The intricate patterns of marble and the sleek luster of metal complement each other, creating an atmosphere of ultimate nobility. The addition of walnut wood with its warm and inviting tone further enhances the overall design, infusing it with a sense of natural warmth.

In the design of the master bedroom, we have decided to remove the adjacent room and combine two rooms into one spacious master bedroom. This modification creates a more open and expansive space. Additionally, we have incorporated a semi-open book nook at the head of the bed. This book nook design enhances the overall visual brightness and ventilation, while providing a comfortable reading and working environment. This design not only adds practicality to the room but also brings unique features and functionality to the master bedroom.

The room for the elderly is designed with a minimalist and light color scheme, which not only enhances the overall brightness of the space but also caters to the needs of the elderly. We have chosen soft tones and natural materials to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for them. Our design focuses on attention to detail and functionality to ensure the safety and comfort of the elderly.
The guest room is a focal point in our design, connected to the dining area with the use of a glass sliding door. This type of door allows for the separation of the guest room and dining area, creating an independent space when needed. In the design of the guest room, we have paid special attention to space efficiency. We have selected a folding bed that can be stored away when not in use, freeing up more activity space.