gross floor area
1200 sq ft

M.T Design Showroom

Our new interior design Showroom, where we embrace an elegant vintage theme to create a unique and captivating interior space. As a company dedicated to interior design, we seamlessly blend colors, metal elements, and craftsmanship techniques to present stunning design effects.

In our Showroom, you will appreciate interior design creations centered around the elegant vintage theme. We boldly break away from tradition by incorporating vibrant colors that infuse energy and personality into the space. Whether it's striking color contrasts or harmonious tone combinations, they showcase the talent and creativity of our designers. We firmly believe that color is the soul of interior design, so we carefully select and utilize colors to create comfortable, warm, and distinctive spaces.

Furthermore, our designers excel at employing metal elements to add a touch of luxury to our designs. The luster and quality of metal bring opulence and taste to the space, and we know how to use metal elements in harmony with the overall design. We firmly believe that the selection of details and elements in interior design is crucial in showcasing quality and style, and our Showroom is the result of meticulous planning.

Upon entering our Showroom, you will not only appreciate the elegant vintage design style but also experience our dedication to craftsmanship and manual techniques. The suspended TV walls and exquisitely painted furniture display our professional standards and attention to detail. We are committed to infusing exquisite craftsmanship into every detail, thus creating breathtaking interior design creations.