gross floor area
2975 sq ft


This shop design mainly uses metal and Tiffany blue as the main color scheme. The stylish stainless steel design collides with Tiffany blue, outlining a unique and fashionable picture, injecting a unique style and modernity into the shop.

The designer also cleverly uses glass and light to further create a sense of open and transparent space. Through clever configuration and settings, light can naturally enter the shop, bringing a bright and comfortable atmosphere to the product display area. The use of glass not only increases the visual extension of the space, but also allows customers to see the goods in the store, providing a better shopping experience.

The design concept of the entire shop aims to attract customers’ attention and create an eye-catching visual effect. The combination of metal and Tiffany blue, as well as the use of glass and light, creates an eye-catching and comfortable shopping environment for the shop. Whether it’s fashion lovers or customers pursuing a unique style, they can find satisfying products and shopping experiences in this carefully crafted shop.